How to be more eco-friendly in everyday life

We've been hearing so much about climate change recently, and the facts don't look good. The evidence shows that thanks to human activity, global temperatures are rising at a level that is no longer sustainable for the environment to survive.

A landmark report by UN scientists has been described as a "code red for humanity", as it details grim realities such as rising sea levels and more intense and frequent heatwaves.

A recent survey - which included over half a million 14 to 18-year-olds - suggests people are in favor of policy changes to boost renewable power and sustainable jobs.

But on an everyday level, what can we actually do? How can we make a difference when it seems like everything has a bad impact on the climate?

The first is not to beat yourself up if you forget your bag for life or your reusable cup - it will probably just add to your Eco-anxiety.

"I never had the notion that I had to be perfect," says Shia from zero-waste blog Wasteland Rebel.

"I had no intention of going zero-waste. I read about it and I just thought it was cuckoo and unrealistic," she says.

But one day she decided to take a jar to her local coffee shop instead of asking for a takeaway one - and she grew greener from there.

The second tip - shared by most of the bloggers we spoke to - is about turning your good intentions into good habits.

Do whatever you can, and after a while, it will become a habit," she says.

"Normally, when you leave the house you grab your phone, you grab your wallet, you grab your keys.

"After a while, you'll grab your bottle, your food container and then you're good to go - it will become a habit."

And the third tip that all our bloggers share is probably the one that involves the biggest change.

It's about living a minimal lifestyle - cutting out needless buys.

"Living a sustainable lifestyle is about consuming less in general," Shia says. "I only buy a new piece of clothing if another one needs replacing."

Nathan says it's not as hard as it sounds: "A lot of things have already been done - we're just going back to them.

"Ask your grandparents, they can teach you a lot about how to not create trash.

"It's a really nice bonding experience as well. I think it makes them smile when I get out my hanky to blow my nose [instead of a disposable tissue]."

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